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Announcing New Jensen Court Monitors Website

Rights of Incarcerated People

Following the sweeping remedial order issued by federal judge Roslyn Silver in April 2023 in the Jensen v. Thornell class action litigation against the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry (ADCRR), the court appointed several monitors to oversee the implementation of the order. More details concerning the order can be found in our earlier blog post. To help the court-appointed monitors address ongoing concerns in ADCRR, they launched a website for the public to send information regarding healthcare in the nine state-run prisons and living conditions in maximum custody, detention, and watch units.

Anyone can confidentially submit information directly to the court monitors on the website. If you have concerns about a family member or loved one who is incarcerated in one of the state-operated prisons, and the issue relates to unsafe or unsound medical care, unsafe or unsound mental health care, or unconstitutional living conditions for residents in maximum custody, detention, or watch, you can submit a concern to the court monitors.

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