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Links to Special Education School Discipline Animated Explainer Videos


It’s important that students with disabilities and their families understand their rights when it comes to discipline at school. Although students with disabilities may be subject to school discipline, just like any other student, students with disabilities do have legal and procedural rights to protect them from being disciplined for behaviors that are related to their disabilities.

These animated videos, available in English, Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL), and closed-captioning, provide information about the rights of students with disabilities who are facing school discipline.

English Español
Introduction to School Discipline

Manifestation Determination Reviews

Differences In Protections

Informal School Discipline

Informal School Discipline—Sent Home

Informal School Discipline—Shortened Days

Informal School Discipline—Home Based Instruction

Informal School Discipline—Withdraw or Face Discipline

Informal School Discipline—Restraint and Seclusion

Avoiding School Discipline

Introducción a la Disciplina Escolar

Revisiones de Determinación de Manifestación

Diferencias en las protecciones

Disciplina Escolar Informal

Disciplina Escolar Informal—Hogares Enviados

Disciplina Escolar Informal—Jornados Reducias

Disciplina Escolar Informal—Instrucción en Casa

Disciplina Escolar Informal—Retirarse o enfrentarse a la disciplina

Disciplina Escolar Informal—Restricción y Aismiento

Evitar la Disciplina Escolar

New Resources