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Working with Your Employer – Reasonable Accommodations



Purpose & Essential Functions: Evaluation of essential job functions outlined in a position’s “job description” is helpful in reexamining the specific job to determine or confirm the position’s essential functions and requirements.


Mental or Physical Abilities & Limitations Discuss: the barriers to job performance in meeting the essential job functions of the position and possible effective solutions through accommodations.


Employee May Refuse: Employers aren’t required to provide an accommodation if it will impose an “undue hardship” on the operation of the business (excessively costly, extensive, substantial, or disruptive, fundamentally alters nature or operation of business).

Other Funding

If one of Following Sources is Available, Employer May Not Refuse:

  • State Rehabilitation Services
  • Industrial Commission
  • Special Fund Miscellaneous (private or public insurance, non-profit or charitable organization)


Employers may be Required to Provide Reasonable Accommodations When:

  • Applying for work Allowing employee to do his/her job
  • Enjoying equal benefits/privileges at work

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