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Aura Valdes

Board Member


Aura Valdes joined Disability Rights Arizona in 2022  as a self advocate/ Board member. They have over 15 years experience in community organizing, social advocacy and creating events for disabled, trans and gender diverse individuals.  Currently Aura is the host of Poetic Presence: a virtual writing group, sponsored by Art Spark Texas Coalition of Texans with Disabilities.  As a Queer Disabled Trans artist, their work and presence are an interruption to the conventional norms and binaries. Through participation in events such as More Than Words, Tucson Poetry Fest, Gender Unbound in Austin, Texas, and Tucson’s first Disability Pride Festival and other events, Aura has become known for creating spaces that prioritize care and invite self expression. In 2023, they co-received the 2023 Nightbloom Grant.for artists through the Museum of Contemporary Arts Tucson project. Aura also has work featured in Crip’d Ecologies:Unfurling Expanding Environments at the Roots Gallery, in San Francisco CA  Spring 2024.

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We are committed in providing accurate disability-related legal information and advice to more individuals who need our services and assistance. In addition to limited legal representation, our goal is to provide efficient, streamlined services to educate people with disabilities and their family members on how to enforce their legal rights through self advocacy.