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Calvin Cook

Board Member

Calvin Cook is a black Christian man who is 33 years young and with a few disabilities under his belt. He did graduate with his bachelor’s in social work from Arizona State University in 2018, and although he was pursuing the master’s in social work, he made the decision to put the brakes on that way for a different venture of establishing his financial distribution business. Calvin is passionate about seeing his communities develop and flourish to their greater potential, and he desires to contribute to that process in the best ways that he can. He has been involved in the self advocacy efforts of the disability community for over a decade through several efforts, and being a board member of Disability Rights Arizona is just another way that Calvin believes he can contribute to the betterment of his communities. His vision of what a bright future awaits is big. 

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We are committed in providing accurate disability-related legal information and advice to more individuals who need our services and assistance. In addition to limited legal representation, our goal is to provide efficient, streamlined services to educate people with disabilities and their family members on how to enforce their legal rights through self advocacy.