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Cate Galyon

STAT Advocate

Cate joined Disability Rights Arizona in April of 2021 as a STAT Advocate. Cate, a dedicated advocate from Arizona, has spent over two decades empowering families to advocate for their children. With a master’s degree in jurisprudence specializing in children’s law and policy, earned from Loyola University College of Law in Chicago, she brings expertise to her role as an advocate/investigator at Disability Rights Arizona (DRAZ). Cate specializes in special education, providing valuable resources and advocating for self-advocacy rights for individuals facing discrimination due to disabilities. Currently pursuing her LP credentials, Cate is driven by her passion to make a difference and contribute to positive outcomes in the lives of those she serves, particularly in the areas of education and juvenile mental health. Her hands-on approach to advocacy, coupled with a positive attitude, reflects her commitment to creating meaningful change.

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We are committed in providing accurate disability-related legal information and advice to more individuals who need our services and assistance. In addition to limited legal representation, our goal is to provide efficient, streamlined services to educate people with disabilities and their family members on how to enforce their legal rights through self advocacy.