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Jaleesa Roberson

COMIT Monitor
Compliance, Oversight, Monitoring, and Investigations Team

Jaleesa is a dedicated and compassionate behavior specialist with over 10 years experience in supporting disabled individuals in multiple settings. Throughout her career Jaleesa has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to empowering her clients to reach their highest potential, fostering independence, and enhancing their quality of life. Jaleesa’s educational background includes a B.S in Family and Human Development, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Applied Behavior Analysis, and she is currently pursuing her EdS in School Psychology. Jaleesa possesses a deep understanding of behavioral interventions and therapeutic techniques for individuals with diverse needs.  Jaleesa’s expertise lies in developing individualized behavior support plans, implementing evidence- based interventions, and collaborating closely with multidisciplinary teams. Her current position as a COMIT Monitor allows her to support members with complex needs in group homes.

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We are committed in providing accurate disability-related legal information and advice to more individuals who need our services and assistance. In addition to limited legal representation, our goal is to provide efficient, streamlined services to educate people with disabilities and their family members on how to enforce their legal rights through self advocacy.