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Jessica Lopez


Jessica Lopez began her journey with Disability Rights Arizona in May of 2023 as an Investigator/Advocate and Representative Payee Reviewer. She is a San Diego, California native who made her way to the lovely city of Tucson, Arizona.  Jessica is exceptionally passionate about protecting the rights of individuals. Her broad expertise thrives in the world of legal investigations. Prior to her joining DRAZ, Jessica worked diligently with both the State of Arizona and the Federal Government in the development and growth of multiple investigative units. She led a multitude of successful investigations with various agencies, all of which led to the prevention, decrease and successful prosecution of crimes relating to fraud, corruption and organized crime within an internal system.  Jessica always had a hunger for the Criminal Justice world as she pursed her studies in Forensic Accounting and Law. She was eager to get back into the disability rights field considering her legal career originated in a SSDI/SSA law firm many years ago. Jessica enjoys making a difference and prospers in knowing that we continue to make a positive impact throughout Arizona. It is truly remarkable when we as a team can advocate for those who cannot always advocate for themselves.

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We are committed in providing accurate disability-related legal information and advice to more individuals who need our services and assistance. In addition to limited legal representation, our goal is to provide efficient, streamlined services to educate people with disabilities and their family members on how to enforce their legal rights through self advocacy.