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Jenn Krainski

COMIT Investigator
Compliance, Oversight, Monitoring, and Investigations Team

Jenn Krainski joined Disability Rights Arizona in March 2023 as an Investigator for COMIT. Her work focuses on investigations of DDD group home quality of care (QOC) concerns. Jenn has worked as an Investigator in Arizona for more than 12 years at the local and state levels. Prior to coming to DRAZ, she was an investigator for the Industrial Commission of AZ (ICA) in labor law compliance focusing on employee wage rights and youth labor injury cases. A skilled negotiator and interviewer, she specializes in statutory and regulatory compliance law investigations with a background in advocacy, field work, chain of evidence, program coordination, investigator training, public speaking, policy and statute education and research. With an A.A.S. in Administration of Justice and a B.A.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology, she came to DRAZ to further her career in social justice, civil and human rights. Jenn is a single mom of three grown kiddos and two fur babies, is a native of AZ and an ASU alum. She grew up in Scottsdale, has lived all over the valley, currently residing in a Gilbert lakes community where you can occasionally find her and her dog Winston kayaking.

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