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Did You Know Dozen: Tip #11 VR and Vehicle Modifications

Accessibility, Client Assistance Program & Vocational Rehabilitation

Did you know that VR sometimes helps pay for vehicle modifications?

If your job goal specifically requires you to drive your own vehicle, you need it to get to work, or you need it to participate in VR services because of your disability, but the vehicle requires modification, VR may be able to help.

For example, James has Brittle Bone Syndrome that effects his ability to use foot pedals. Hand controls would work better for him. James works as a substitute teacher and needs to drive his own vehicle to work due to changing teaching assignments and locations. Other examples of modifications include lowering vehicle floors, installing ramps or lifts, adding seatbelt extenders, converting ignition to pushbutton, and moving the gas pedal from right to left.

If you have a dispute with VR about vehicle modifications, you may call DRAZ and do an intake form.

Source for Today’s Tip: 34 CFR §361.48 (b)(17).

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