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Did You Know Dozen: Tip #5 VR and Vendor Choice

Accessibility, Client Assistance Program & Vocational Rehabilitation

Did you know you can choose your VR service providers from a list of available service providers?

VR must provide informed choice about service providers.  This means that VR must provide you with a choice of VR contract providers and information about the providers so you can make an informed decision. In other words, you should be given a choice, not told that you must seek services from one specific provider.  This applies to evaluations and services.

For example, Paulo wants to become self-employed and operate a food truck and catering business.  VR agrees to provide him with self-employment business consultation and refers him to ABC Consulting Firm, a VR contracted provider.  Paulo may ask for the list of all self-employment business consults and contact the consultants to find out more about each provider before he decides.  To make his decision about which consultant to work with, he may want to ask the consultants about their success rate in developing thriving businesses, their experience developing plans related to food truck industry, and whether they can provide him with necessary accommodations.

For more information about Self-Employment Planning, look at VR’s Policy Manual sections, and 4.5.4.

If you have a dispute with VR about not being provided informed choice about providers, you may call DRAZ and do an intake form.

Source for Today’s Tip: 34 CFR §361.52(c).

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