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Special Education Self-Advocacy Tips

Accessibility, Education

By: Chloe Plaisance

You or your parent/guardian can take the following steps to move the testing accommodation approval process along.

  • Contact the school’s SSD coordinator at least one month before the testing accommodation request deadline—which is 7 weeks before the SAT and 3 weeks before the ACT—to ask them to make a testing accommodations request on your behalf.
  • Reach out to the school to make sure they have your signed consent forms on file, or else have your parent fill out the appropriate consent form and send it to the SSD coordinator.
  • Follow up with the school before the accommodations request deadline. Keep checking in until the school confirms your request for accommodations has been submitted. Consider asking for some type of proof of submission, such as a copy of a confirmation email or screenshot of the online portal showing your accommodations request was submitted on time.
  • For College Board exams, as a last resort if your school is non-responsive, you or your parents can request accommodations directly from the College Board.

If ADA issues arise when registering for college entrance exam, consider contacting DRAZ or getting legal advice from another law firm. You can complete an intake with DRAZ online, or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-927-2260.

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