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2023 Session #1: Crossroads: The Intersectional Approach to Disability Justice framework

February 8, 2023 9:00am-10:30am

Our acceptance and inheritance of the disability identity depend on our ability to empower and amplify the voices and experiences of Black disabled persons. This presentation will be an introduction of the disability justice framework through an intersectional lens. In sharing my lived experiences as a black disabled woman my goal is to illustrate how intersectionality should be the core of all disability justice narratives.

Presenter: Rasheera Dopson, MPH

Rasheera Dopson, MPH is a disability justice advocate, author, scholar, speaker, content creator, and researcher. Her research centers around advancing health equity within marginalized communities through implementing and applying equity-based research in communities and policy frameworks. She is the founder of the Dopson Foundation and Beauty with a Twist brand—whose organizational aim is the advancement and betterment of professional, health, and social outcomes for women and girls with disabilities. 

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