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Did You Know Dozen: Tip #8 Career Counseling for Subminimum Wage Employees

Client Assistance Program & Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment

Did you know VR can provide Career Counseling every year to people working in subminimum wage jobs?

VR is responsible for offering Career Counseling to anyone who VR is aware of that works at a job making less than minimum wage. These types of jobs are sometimes referred to as Sheltered Employment with 14(c) certificates. 14(c) certificates allow some employers to pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities that impair their productivity for the work they perform. Go here for a list of employers allowed to pay subminimum wages.

This opportunity for counseling should be offered every year to people who are former VR clients or anyone whose employer is allowed to pay subminimum wages under a 14(c) certificate.  You do not need to apply to VR to receive Career Counseling.

Joseph has an intellectual disability and has been working for a sheltered workshop for 3 years.  He does assembly work.  He would like to work at a job where he can earn a livable wage so he can be more independent and interact with individuals who are not disabled.  Joseph also believes he has the skills to do more than basic assembly work. He calls VR to ask for Career Counseling to help him achieve this goal.  VR must provide the service.

If you have a dispute with VR about Career Counseling for sheltered workshop employees, you may call ACDL and do an intake.

Source for Today’s Tip: 34 CFR §397.40(c).

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