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Template Letter Requesting IEP Meeting to Discuss Compensatory Education


[Parent Name/Contact Information] 


___________, Director of Special Education 

[School District or Charter School] 

Re: [Student’s Name and School] 

Dear __________: 

I am writing to request that an IEP meeting be scheduled as soon as possible for my child, [Name of Student], to discuss the provision of compensatory education. Per A.A.C. R7-2-401(G)(7), a school must hold an IEP meeting within 45 school days of receiving a parent’s meeting request. In the best interest of [Name of Student], I ask that this meeting be scheduled for as soon as possible.  

I believe [Name of Student] requires compensatory education because: 

[Insert information about the services the student was denied or how services fell short of satisfying the IEP requirements. For example: 

  • “Because the school’s speech-language pathologist has been out on parental leave and the school has not been able to find a substitute, [Name of Student] has not received any of the speech therapy related services required by his IEP this semester.” 
  •  “As a result of the school’s staffing shortage, [Name of Student] has missed 25 days of school this semester because the school has not had a paraprofessional available on those days to provide necessary aide services to [Name of Student].” 
  • “As a result of the District’s wrongful delay in evaluating [Name of Student] for special education eligibility, [Name of Student] missed out on two months of access to special education and related services he would have received had the District conducted an appropriate evaluation after our initial request and found [Name of Student] eligible at that time.” 
  • “Because of the District’s failure to conduct a manifestation determination review before long-term suspending [Name of Student] for conduct caused by his disability, Student has been denied access to the services he should have been receiving in his original placement.” 

Without this special education and related services, my child regressed.  [Insert information about how your child has regressed, especially as it relates to his/her IEP goals, as evidence for why compensatory education is needed. For example: 

  • “According to my child’s IEP progress reports, on February 2, 2023, she was able to read a grade level text at 90 words per minute with 75% accuracy. After being denied the services in her IEP, she is now able to read only 70 words per minute with 50% accuracy. I’d like to discuss addressing this regression through the provision of compensatory services”; or 
  • “Before my child’s paraprofessional resigned and the school failed to replace them, my child’s daily behavior chart showed that her aggressive outbursts had reduced to only 1 or 2 per day. Since the aide left, my child has had 5 or 6 aggressive outbursts per day. I’d like to discuss addressing her regression through the provision of compensatory services”; or 
  • “In order to determine the type and amount of compensatory services necessary to provide my child with FAPE, I would like the school to locate the most recent measurements of my child’s progress toward her IEP goals from before the disruption in services, and to take new measurements of her progress toward those IEP goals following the disruption in services. Those two data points can then be used to determine how much my child has regressed and what compensatory services she needs.”] 

Please let me know the soonest date and time an IEP meeting can be scheduled, so I can confirm that I am able to attend. If you have any questions, the best way to reach me is [by phone and/or e-mail, provide specific number and/or address]. Thank you. 



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