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Housing Reasonable Modification Requests


These template letters can be used to request a reasonable modification in housing under the Fair Housing Act. A reasonable modification is a structural change made to existing premises, occupied or to be occupied by a person with a disability, to afford the person with a disability full enjoyment of the premises. Reasonable modifications can include structural changes to interiors and exteriors of dwellings and to common areas. You can select the letter that best fits your need and modify it using the dropdown menus to create a reasonable modification request letter to submit to your housing provider.

  1. Door Knobs Request Letter
  2. Grab Bars Request Letter
  3. Lift Request Letter
  4. Lowering Threshold Request Letter
  5. Pool Lift Request Letter
  6. Ramp Request Letter
  7. Remove or Add Carpet Request Letter
  8. Roll in Shower Request Letter
  9. Soundproofing Request Letter

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