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Special Education Sample Letters


Sample Letters

  1. Requesting an Initial Evaluation
    1. Requesting School Policies and Procedures, Including Policies on
    2. Initial Evaluations
    3. School District Preschool Programs
    4. Private School and Home Schooled Students
    5. Section 504 Policies and Procedures
  2. Requesting Evaluation Reports Before Eligibility Meeting
  3. Scheduling the Annual IEP Meeting
  4. Requesting Records Before an IEP Meeting
  5. Requesting Educational Records
  6. Requesting a Re-evaluation
  7. Requesting a Review of the IEP
  8. Requesting Peer-reviewed Research Regarding Special Education Services
  9. Requesting Information on Teacher Qualifications
  10. Requesting Procedural Safeguards Notice
  11. Requesting Written Notice
  12. Requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation

Please Note: Letters contain areas where you need to fill-in information or make decisions on what to say. These areas are shown in brackets [ ] and are underlined. For example: [Name of School District or Charter School]. Here you would insert the name of the School District or Charter School, but remember to remove the brackets and underlines. They are simply to remind you what needs to be completed in the letter.

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